At Clinique Vétérinaire LaSalle, we work with you as a team to offer the best for your pet.

The Clinique Vétérinaire LaSalle exists since 1972.  It was founded by Dr Shade, followed by Dr Danten, and taken back in 1998 by Dr Carine Bourrellis and Dr Hélène Tessier. Since December 2016, Dr Carine Bourrellis is the sole owner.
The clinic is situated at 7559 Broadway in LaSalle, in a lovely residential neighborhood called the Bronx, on the south side of the Aqueduc canal, at the corner of Champlain Boulevard and 1st avenue. But be careful, since we like to keep our clients on their toes, despite the address, the entrance is on 1st avenue!
The clinic is easily accessible from everywhere, in particular by the population of LaSalle, Verdun, Lachine, Nun’s Island, Montreal-West and NDG.

We offer the following services: