At Clinique Vétérinaire LaSalle, we work with you as a team to offer the best for your pet.

In 1998, Dr. Carine Bourrellis acquired LaSalle Veterinary Clinic on Broadway, with her friend Dr. Hélène Tessier. Eighteen years later, after a long professional life, countless projects, many renovations, and the ups and downs of life, their paths separate. Dr. Bourrellis becomes sole owner of the clinic in 2016.

As if the workload was not big enough, she decides to realize her dream. Combining her two passions, art and veterinary medicine. When she visits a commercial space in Place LaSalle, an empty box of 5000 sq. ft. and a 22 ft. high ceiling, she sees a beautiful blank canvas for her project. This is how the future clinic took shape.

Supported by a great team architect / entrepreneur / foreman, the wildest ideas have been realized. From the murals at reception and in the treatment room, the skylights, the project of recovering old negatoscopes into “portraits”, by way of the kennel space for cats and the indoor bathroom for dogs, Dr. Bourrellis was allowed to give way to creativity and to work with local artisans to promote art and offer you a space out of the ordinary. We are pleased to welcome you to our new premises, which are more spacious and designed in detail to be relaxing, practical, fluid, to promote the well-being of patients, customers and our team and allow us to maintain our high standards of medical practice and customer service.

Because after all, we are in 2018!

Welcome to the LaSalle Veterinary Clinic, we hope you will feel at home!

During your next visit, do not hesitate to ask a member of the team to offer you a guided tour!


Special thanks to:

Melissa Del Pinto, muralist

Elsa Leblanc, architect

Daniel Lavigne, constructions Lavicom

Hugo Hamelin, foreman

And to all the team at the clinic that supported Carine during a year of intense stress !! 😉


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